How to Remove Credit Card Details From iPhone 4 [Delete Visa/MasterCard Details]

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If you are purchasing apps from your iPhone or iPad, you must be using your Visa or MasterCard details on Apple Store . It is always advisable to remove your credit card information once you have purchased applications you want. Don’t forget that you have supplied your payment information in your iPhone/iPad which can be reveal to someone who knows your Apple ID/Password. Keep reading this article to delete your billing information from your Apple store.

Following is a step by step guide to remove your debit/credit card (payment information) details from your iPhone or iPad with Apple Store.

How to Remove Credit Card Details From Apple Store

Step 1) Go to Settings >> iTunes & App Stores

Click iTunes and App Stores

Step 2) Click on Apple ID:

Click Apple ID

Step 3) Click on View Apple ID

Click View Apple ID

Step 4) Enter your Apple App Store Password which is connected with the given Apple ID, and Click OK

Enter Password and Click OK

Step 5) Click on Payment Information

Click Payment Information

Step 6) Select the option as “None” and click on Done button. That is it! You have successfully removed your payment information/billing information from your iPhone/iPad and App store. Same is app

Click on None and then Done to remove Credit Card Details

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