How to Find iPhone Manufacturing Date

Posted In Apple, iPhone - By Piyush Dungrani On Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 With 0 Comments

Finding manufacturing date of your iPhone is not a straight forward as you have to identify it from its serial number. You can know the year and date of manufactured for your iPhone by looking at it’s serial number. iPhone serial number is made of six(6) items, you have to decode the iPhone’s serial number, look out for: FMYPWUIDCLS

  1. FM = Factory and Machine ID (1st and 2nd digit)
  2. Y = Year (3rd digit)
  3. PW = Production Week (4 and 5th digit)
  4. UID = Unique Identifier (6,7 and 8th digit)
  5. CL = Color (A4=black) and (9 and 10th digit)
  6. S = size (S=16GB, T=32GB) (11th digit)

So just by looking your serial number you can know that when your iPhone was born :)

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