Oracle 10g Default Username and Password

Oracle 10g Default Username and Password – How to Change

Most of the users installing Oracle 10g or 11g first time makes mistake of missing to enter the Username/Passwords to login to Oracl SQL Plus, I have made a mistake by not providing/changing the username password at the time of installation.

Have you forgot to set default username and password like me? if yes then don’t disappointed there is a way of changing and entering default credentials of Oracle 10g, I haven’t tried following solution on 11g but I suppose it should work there. Using this method you will be able to change the password to whatever you want for any Oracle users. Be it a Sys,System, Scott-tiger,manager, etc.

Oracle 10g Default Username and Password – How to Change

Step 1. Open SQL Plus Login screen

– It will ask you to enter User Name, Password and Host String

Step 2. Enter User Name = “/as sysdba” and click on OK button

Log in as user as sysdba

– It will show you this message: Connected to – Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release – Production With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining Options

Connected to Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition

Step 3. Now as you logged in, just change the password for user System by executing following alter statement.

alter user system identified by NewPasswordHere;

User altered

– Note also that it doesn’t need to be in single quotes, as you might expect. Hit ENTER to run the query and you should receive positive affirmation of the change:

“User altered.”

Step 4. Close and Open SQL Plus Log On dialog again and enter username as ‘system’ and password as ‘NewPassword’

Log in with New password

Step 5 Now you should be logged in without any error, no need to provide Host String here.

Information about SYS and SYSTEM accounts:

SYS: SYS is the owner of the database and the owner of the data dictionary.Never ever create objects in the SYS schema.
The objects belonging to SYS cannot be exported.

SYSTEM : SYSTEM is a privileged administration user, and typically owns Oracle provided tables other than the dictionary. Don’t create your own objects under SYSTEM.

  • Both, SYS and SYSTEM are default users, created with the creation of the database. Although they have much power – as they are granted the DBA role – they’re still ordinary users.
  • Because SYS owns the data dictionary, (s)he is considered a bit more special than SYSTEM.
  • But SYS has the SYSDBA privilege which SYSTEM doesn’t. This makes it possible for SYS to become a very very powerful user.

Hope above solution will solve your problem of logging in. If you succeeded using above method share your happiness with us via comment section :-)