add spouse name in passport india

How to Add Spouse Name in Passport India Online – Application + Form

If you are Indian and recently got married like me and looking for the procedure/process to include your spouse name in your passport, you are at the right place to know everything about how you can add spouse name in passport by filling an online application form, where to go and which documents needed before you go to passport office.

add spouse name in passport india

– Following is a complete step by step procedure which will guide you throughout the process. Just read each and every information carefully and get the task done.

Procedure to add Spouse Name in Passport in India

Add Spouse Name in Passport India Online Application

Step 1) Open: in internet explorer (being a govt website, it would be working with IE more compared to the other browsers)

Step 2) Click on Register and Select the passport office under jurisdiction of which your present address falls.. (If you have already created an account then simple Log in and move to next step).  Enter the correct details and get registered – Use strong password while registering.

User Registration

Step 3) After Log in, Click on “Apply online for fresh passport or reissue of passport” and you will get two options.

1. [Offline] Download softocopy and upload it after fill up (don’t go by this method).

2. [Online] “Fill the application form online” ( click on the link).

Apply online for fresh passport or reissue of passport

Step 4) Choose “Re-issue of passport” radio  button, check the “Change in Existing Personal Particulars” check box and also check “Add Spouse Name” and rest of the details. Fill the rest of the wizard pages (see following image, there are up to 9 pages which you need to fill up with proper and appropriate details)

Change in Existing Personal Particulars and Add Spouse Name


– After complete all above steps you must have to Submit the application. After submitting the application you have to click on View Saved/Submitted Applications link from Services section.

Step 5) Choose your application and click on “Manage Appointment“. Schedule appointment and reach at relevant passport office on given date and time with fee and required documents.

Manage Appointment

Fee Calculator – As we want to change the spouse name, fee will be Rs 1000 (One thousand)

Fee Calculator

Documents Required –

Following documents you should carry before walk-in to the PSK (passport seva kendra)

  1. 2 Photo copy of your Passport + Original Passport.
  2. 2 recent Passport size photographs.
  3. 2 Photo copy of your Spouse Passport if she/he has.
  4. Marriage Certificate issued by municipality or an equivalent affidavit (click here to download ANNEXURE ‘D’) with supporting evidence as joint photo, marriage card etc. This affidavit is compulsory if your spouse name is changed after the marriage.
  5. Valid address proof of your present residence.
  6. Print out of Online filled form with appointment date and time.

– Hope above information will help you to complete the procedure soon. Your feedback will greatly appreciated.

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