How to Bulk import vCards into Contacts List

vCards(.vcf files) are very important part of our life because we all are using some kind of mobiles, smart cellphones, PDA devices, iPhones, Tabbing Devices plus our online email accounts are also full of contacts and what if someday you want to Bulk import vCards into Contacts List from one device to another or import contacts from one account to another.

How to Bulk import vCards into Contacts List

I have come up with this post because I have a bunch of vCards (188 to be precise) that I transferred from my phone (via bluetooth) to my PC. Now I want to bulk import them into my Google Contacts but. I don’t see a multi-select feature on the import section. To make matters worse, the vCards are named sequentially, not by the contact name so it’s hard to pick and choose what I want imported. So i have found one solution to combine all vCards(.vcf files) into one Single vCard(.vcf file) file.

– After reading this post you will be able to know how to convert vCards (which is all your phone will export) into a CSV formatted text file, or you can say into one single vCards file.

Steps to Bulk Import(Merge) vCards into One Contact List(vcf File)

Step 1. Copy all your vcf files into one directory.

Step 2. Open Windows command prompt (Windows + R), and navigate to the destination folder where all your contact files are stored (you can type CD YOUR PATH command to reach to your destination).

vcf files merged into single vcf file

Step 3. Enter the following DOS command: copy *.vcf all.vcf

Step 4. Now you will get all your .vcf files merged into single .vcf file, just Import the created single .vcf file whenever required. This single vCard file will also work on your Google account.

– Hope you will use and share this article with the friends so they also can use this trick to getting things done.