Free Facebook Themes Download For Your Account

Today i have come-up with Free Facebook Themes Download tips. If you are bored from using the one facebook theme and want to use another free facebook themes to get better user experience and look and feel then today you will get Free Facebook Themes to Download For Your Account.

Free Facebook Themes Download

There are Millions of Facebook User on the internet today and social networking sites are booming. As you know in the Internet you can find almost everything for free so why not to use free themes for your facebook account huh?. While surfing i came across some nice, free Facebook skins which will let you change your current Facebook User Interface to something new!

– In fact what i have figured out is, you can customize your Facebook profile in a lot of ways ,thanks to free themes providers so you can change your Facebook themes after applying some steps by post download. There are some simple steps which you need to follow to set the custom facebook theme in your account.

Steps to set Custom Facebook Skin

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox.
  2. – Note: Only Firefox and opera User can Use these Themes.

  3. Download Greasemonkey Script.
  4. – Note : Remember To Restart Firefox After Downloading This Greasemonkey Script.

  5. Add Stylish add-on for Firefox.

Without using above 3 items, you won’t be able to customize your Facebook profile!

– And atlast download themes in yours profile, Get Download Link from below links.

List of Free Facebook Themes

  1. Batman. A great theme for those users who love the dark knight!
  2. Spiderman. A wonderful theme for those users who got caught in the…web.
  3. Emo. If you have got a emo, dark side, this is the right theme for you.
  4. Galaxy blue. Deep space on your Facebook. For space lovers only.
  5. Hannah Montana. Love Hannah? Stick her on Facebook.
  6. Naruto. For guys who love this incredible Manga cartoon!
  7. Hello Kitty. Got Kitty? Say hello!
  8. The Simpsons. Love the Simpson? Add some yellow on your Facebook profile!
  9. Mickey Mouse: Only for users who love the most famous mouse in the world.
  10. Flower: Beautiful flowers on your screen.
  11. Prince of Persia. Fight for your honour on Facebook.
  12. Vampire Diaries. Hungry for blood? Put it on your Facebook!

– Get more Free Facebook Themes Download stuff.

– If you wish to have a visual guide on how to install skins on your Facebook profile, I have got this nice videos which will explain to you in plain word how to achieve it in a few easy steps.


– So how does your account looks like now ….. ??? :)