How To Remove Default Yahoo Search from Firefox

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If you want to remove default yahoo search from Firefox like me just because of being a Google lover, now with following some easy steps you can easily remove your default search in Firefox from yahoo to Google or any other search engine.

Remove Default Yahoo Search from Firefox

The Firefox Search Bar is a convenient way to search using your favorite search engines. Firefox comes with a set of pre-installed or “default” search engines which are available to all user profiles. But i am writing this post because in my windows 7 Machine i am having a macafee security advisor which is by default use yahoo search, issue arise when you DIRECTLY type anything in ADDRESS BAR to search (in right side of the address bar, Google search is working fine and also it is set as default).

Manage Search Engine list in Firefox

By following some easy steps you can easily remove your default serach in firefox from yahoo to google or any other search engine.

Step 1: Open a new Firefox browser window.
Step 2: Type about:config in the search field and press Enter.
Step 3: Click the “I Will Be Careful” button if necessary.

Change Firefox Config Value to Set Google as Default Search Engine

Step 4: Scroll to find a configuration key titled: keyword.URL
Step 5: Select “keyword.URL” and right-click, then hit “Reset” from the drop-down menu. or Set Manually value to the;=UTF-8&sourceid;=navclient&gfns;=1&q;= and done !!.

Let me know if you have got the solution or not ?

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