Get Paid to Read Articles – A Trusted & Genuine Online Money Making System

Get Paid to Read Articles – A Trusted and Genuine Online Money Making System. Yes today i am happy to share the online money making system called I have read so many articles and visited so many forums, seen Readbud Payment Proof to know that is this system legitimate and genuine or not? and after spending so much time finally i have found that readbud is a genuine money making site which pays you to read articles. In this post i will share Readbud Payment Proof also.

I signed-up to Readbud today and have spent about 15-20 minutes on the site reading and rating articles and have earned $0.95, not bad compared to most other GPT sites I’ve used.

How Readbud Works.
Readbud is a GPT site, in this case you get paid to read and rate articles. Very simple to use, just sign-up, fill out your interests and you’ll start receiving articles.

Article content word count and corresponding rewards:

* Under 100 : 1 cent
* Between 101 and 200 : 2 cents
* Between 201 and 300 : 3 cents
* Between 301 and 400 : 4 cents
* Between 401 and 500 : 5 cents
* Between 501 and 600 : 6 cents
* Between 601 and 700 : 7 cents
* Between 701 and 800 : 8 cents
* Between 801 and 900 : 9 cents
* Between 901 and 1500 : 10 cents
* Between 1501 and 2000 : 15 cents
* Over 2000 : 20 cents

Getting Paid.
Readbud pays through Paypal with a minimum payout of $50 and at the rate I’m going I could say i will earn around $30/month. They also have a referral program that pays you $5 every time your referrals request their first payment. 50 referrals making their first payment request, and you will get $250 in your pocket.

Readbud Payment Proof i have found:

Readbud Payment Proof

Early days yet and I hope to see a bunch of payment proofs over the next couple months, but I’m not to bothered taking 10 to 20 minutes out of my day to role with it, very little effort involved and it could be a nice little monthly earner.

How Redbud System Works: Simply click on the “Articles” tab situated on the header or click here and the article invitations for available articles will start streaming in.

Click on Next Article

get $1 a day online

If you are a webmaster, blogger or a social butterfly, you can earn $5 for every first redemption your referal makes. For example, if you refer 1000 people and they all become members, and eventually redeem, you can earn $5000!

Rate Article and Earn Money
Close window after rating the article
  • Provide PayPal account detail (your PayPal email address to get payment).

Provide PayPal Account Email address

Key factors to receiving more articles.

* Choose Interest Topics relevant to your interests
* Thoroughly read through the articles delivered to you
* Understand the article context and submit deserved rating
* Visit the website at least daily
* Frequently check for new Articles

Important Points To Note.

* We have new articles available daily across all Interest Topics
* New articles could become available anytime during the day
* Missed articles will accumulate up to a maximum of 24 hours so check the site daily
* If you skip or do not open the article invitation for 2 hours, you will not be able to rate the article
* Ensure to choose Interest Topics most relevant to your interests

$50 minimum required to redeem the funds by wired transfer to your PayPal account. Only once you have accumulated over $50 will you be eligible to redeem.

Excelent earning potential for

* Website owners who wish to capitalise from their website
* Bloggers, regardless of topic covered
* Forum/message board owners and users alike
* Social network members with plenty of connections

So what are you waiting for join today, and start making money online. Sign-up to Readbud for free and join in the discussion below to see how everyone is progressing.

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